Monday, 28 May 2012

Mac Studio Finish Concealer

Sun Sun Suuuuuun :)

So the sunny weather (and a chance to avoid revision) prompted me to go outside and take some pictures with natural light, something which isn't easy to come by in soggy Britain! Anyway I should probably stop babbling and get on with the review!

If you don't count to endless foundation samples and the freebies, this is the first ever high end product I've ever bought myself. One of the main concerns was wether it was worth the money as in all honesty I really liked my Collection 2000 Concealer. Now at first I was a little worried that there would be next to no product on this as the packaging, although nice and compact, doesn't give any indication of how much product there is. However there is 7 grams of product, which is more than a Sleek Blush, so there is a lot of product in this little thing.

Onto the concealer, I really like it, the coverage is like nothing else, I didn't take a before photo but there is a dark mole underneath this swatch, which shows how good the coverage is. Longevity wise this is great too, not outstanding but definitely better than average. My biggest problem is that it isn't good in heat. It's been really hot recently where I live and I've noticed that the the lasting power has been reduced and the proness to creasing  has increased. So if you live somewhere hot then this might not be for you, however generally it's great for me, in my opinion this is worth the £13.50!
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  1. this sounds awesome <3 my kind of product :D
    Great review


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