Saturday, 30 June 2012

My Trusty Plucker!

Hello there! I would love to one day get some of those £20-£50 state of the art eyebrow pluckers, however that's a lot of money to spend on my eyebrows! I have however tried quite a few different pluckers under the £10 mark in my time and I can honestly say that I've found my 'Holy Grail' eyebrow pluckers!
 These bad boys are from the brand QVS which I've only ever seen in Asda. I love the gold tip and the grip for your fingers, the design of these is really great.
 Not the best picture in the world, but these will get even the smallest eyebrow hairs but are tough enough for thicker hairs. They don't even hurt a lot like most cheapo pluckers do either.
All in all I love these pluckers, one day I might invest in some fancy ones out of curiosity, but I honestly don't feel like I need anything more than these! And now for the really good news... They're cheap! I can't remember if these are £2.48 or £3.48, but either way they're really great for the quality and worth giving a try!
What are you favoruite pluckers?
This is all, 
Gemmm xxx

Friday, 29 June 2012

Just a Quickie!

Bonjour, so this is just a quick post to say that I have set up a Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for my little blog! All the links are in the bar to the right of this post, please do get in contact with me in any way you wish! It's always wonderful to hear from a reader :)
I don't like doing posts without a picture so here's a face of the day!
This is all, 
Gemmm xxx

The Makeup I Took on Holiday!

I didn't bother taking these pictures beofre I went away becuase I didn't think it would be of interest, but then again I really enjoy this kind of post so I thought I'd do it. Now the things in this post aren't necessarily my favourite things, I didn't want to take my Illamasqua blush or Mac Lipstick out of fear they'd be taken away as I only had hand luggage! So here goes...

Concealers and foundations! I brought my trusty Garnier Roll on as it wakes me up so much, the coolness and the rolling just make my eyes feel a lot less tired! Also my two favoruite concealers, Mac Studio Finish and Collectoin 2000 Lasting Perfectoin. I could go anywhere in the word and I would bring these three, they're definetley Holy Grails for me! Also I put some Loreal True Match foundatoin in a little sample pot to save room!
Powders! Just incase anyone didn't know, you can bring as many powders as you want in your Hand Luggage as they aren't liquids! I already have a review on this Rimmel Blush *here*, I brought it to make myself use it a bit more as it gets a bit neglected. Also everyone's favoruite Bronzing Powder from Bourjois and just a cheap translucent powder!
Only two lip products, I didn't want anything two bright or vivid so I went with these as they're really nice simple colours. The liner is in the shade 20 Nude and the lip butter is Macaroon. This is my least used lip butter and I brought it to force myself to use it!
My half sized Clinique High Length mascara which I really love, it lasts all day and look really nice. For my brows I just brought this Rimmel brow pencil, I prefer the look of my Gosh eyebrow felt tip but this is just abit quicker and it comes with a little brush.
Finally skin care! I brought my Good Things cleanser in a little Body Shop smaple pot and my Lush Dark Angels cleanser in a Lush sample pot. Finally I brought my Body Shop face brush which I like to think of as 'the poor mans Clarisonic'.
You may have figured that I'm a big believer in taking sample sizes on holiday! There's just no sense in bringing entire items when your restricted. Particularly if you only have hand luggage and have a liquids allowance.
Well that was a very long post! Well done if you stuck with me through all that and I hope it was helpful.
This is all,
Gemmm xxx

Thursday, 28 June 2012

NOTD Owl Nails

Well hey there! So I know these aren't perfect but I still thought they were cute so I uploaded the pictures anyway!

My nails are really short and abit gross at the moment as I've not been looking after them due to exams and I couldn't stop biting them during the last England match! ( Another quater final knock out? There's a surprise!)
I like this design as you can use any two colours, I think it looks great with lighter and darker versions of the same colour. I might try purple and lilac next! Also my Models Own nail pens came in super useful for this.
This is all,
Gemmm xxx

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I'm Such a Bag Blogger! (And a Haul)

Once again I've been a bad blogger, I don't really have any excuse other than I didn't know what to post about! Anyway to get in the swing of things I've decided to do my first ever haul!

I came back from the lovely ( and very green) Ireland yesterday, I probably go at least twice a year as I have little cousins living over in Galway. I love shopping in Galway as there are a few stores and brands we don't have in England!
The first thing I got was from duty free and it's this bad boy! It was a little cheaper than normal, around £15 I think, and I had been saving so I couldn't resist! Review to come as soon as I've formed opinoins.
My Mum and Dad went to Northern Ireland for a few days before I flew over to meet them. Whilst my mum was in the North she spotted a few pairs of shoes in my size super cheap so being the lovely Mum she is she bought them for me!
Next up is a few clothing things, my two favourite places to shop in Ireland are Born and a shop called Swamp, they aren't the cheapest of places but I seem to strike lucky a lot and go during a sale!
I'm not normally a huge bird print fan, it's not that I dislike it, I just feel it's a little overdone, however I just love the back of this one. The way it shows just a little bit of the back really appealed to me. This was 10 euro, so around £8.
Just a simple dress, it's not very shapely so it needs a belt, this was also 10 euro, so again £8.
I love this top! I have nothing else like it, it's sheer but has a panel in the middle so there's no exposed bras! However the back is also sheer so you can see the strap, even so I really like this, it was 13 euro so around £10.50, more than I'd normally spend on a top but I really liked this so hey ho!
This was from Penney's which is the Irish version of Primark, it was only 6 euro, so less than £5. I have nothing like this, in fact it's not very 'me' at all but I really like it. I'm thinking of whapping out the sewing machine and putting a pleather collar on this, opinions?
Oh Claire, how I love your accessories! The pendant was actually attached to a necklace but it broke whilst I was playing with a certain ten year old! I just thought that it was really sweet though, the dictionary definition of love, and it's really simple so I'll probably wear it a lot.
Souvenirs! I normally wouldn't get this type of thing for myself, but I thought it was very true to me so my mum bought it for me! I also got this cheeky chocolate leprechaun for my boyfriend as I thought it was really funny. ( let's hope he doesn't read this!)
I promise this is the last thing! I'm a big fan of essence but it's not available in England. I meant to pick up the top coat but I accidentally got the base and I actually quite like it!

FEW! That was a whole lot of stuff! Well at least it felt like a bloomin' long blog post! I hope that this was interesting, let me know if you would like to see more hauls!
This is all,
Gemmm xxx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Mac Girl About Town

Are you excited? I know I am, wanna know why? First ever Mac lipstick! Well I've actually had this a month now so the excitement has worn off, but I wanted to use it a few times before I did a review. I wanted this post to be more of a 'is it worth splurging' than just a regular review.
 I was going to get Lickable but they had ran out so I went for Girl About Town as it quite similar. I wanted to go for something bright to make it a little bit special.
It looks a little bit shimmery here but it isn't, it's just the way the sun has caught it. Colour wise I love this, I think that's the main thing that would convince me to get another Mac Lipstick, I'm definitely going to go for something more everyday next time though, any recommendations?
Quality wise, I can definitely tell a difference between this and drugstore lipstick, the wear time of this is good, but as well as that it fades nicely whereas I find a lot of lipsticks stick to dry bits and fade quite patchily. 
Is it worth the money?
Yes and no. I don't think it's worth nearly twice the price of say the Revlon ones,  but I would say it's worth a little bit more. I do really love having a Mac lipstick though, for a makeup lover they're just a nice thing to own. Also in the great scheme of things £13.50 isn't extortionate when you consider the Dior or YSL lipsticks.
Basically for me this would be a little treat to myself rather than something I consider necessary to have. I hope this helped anyone who's a little strapped for cash, I got this as a present so I didn't have to fork out but I think I might buy myself one as a treat when I feel I deserve it!
This is all,
Gemmm xxx

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A tip for your lips!

Today has been such a fun day! I've been to Alton Towers, it was a wonderful day but oh my is it an exhausting day! I don't know what it is about roller coasters ( I assume the wind in your face) but my makeup came off ridiculously quickly and my skin has just decided to erupt! So all in all my skin has paid the price of roller coaster fun (WORTH IT)

Not a very substantial picture, more just to prove I was actually there!

I should probably talk about the post? So, I was reading a guide on how to get fuller looking, shapelier lips and I came across this little tip. Apparently you don't need a lip liner that matches your lipstick, you can just have one that matches your lips and it will work just as well!

I picked this little guy, Natural Collection is my go to brand for trying out new colours as it's pretty cheap so not much money is wasted, and there's also a good range of colours. All in all this tip actually works, especially if your lips aren't completely symmetrical like mine, it lets you create the shape of your lips before putting a bright colour on.
It's fine Mr. Camera, it's not like I wanted you to focus or anything...
I'm thinking I'm going to buy one of the No7 Lip Liners that seem to get a lot of love, especially as I have a couple of the vouchers! I'm sure this wasn't at all a well written post, my apologies but I am very tired, the gist is to try this out! It's a nice little tip that works for me.
OH, the original blog post that I saw this tip on is *here*
This is all,
Gemmm xxx

Monday, 4 June 2012



By now you've probably figured than I'm really f***ing excited! I got the Naked palette today and I'm a very happy little ginger!
So to celebrate here is a crap quality photo of myself, I will be giving my views and things in a couple of weeks but for now I remain very giddy and in awe of my pretty new item!

P.S this was a birthday present from my wonderful boyfriend :)
This is all,
Gemmm xxx

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Elf Studio Blush in Peach Keen

Hello! So the good weather has finally left Britain, which means my shopping trip on Monday might be a little rainy, but I don't care because I'M SO EXCITED. I can't even express my excitement over what I'm getting when I go into the city, but I will definitely be posting about it!

Anyway, just a quick review on one of the ELF studio blushes. The colour I got wasn't the first on my list, I was going to go for Berry Merry or Pink passion but they were both sold out, so I got Peachy Keen. I'm really glad I got this as the colour is so pretty!
 The packaging is okay, nothing noteworthy wrong or right about it really. Although I do much prefer it to the Elf basic line packaging.
 My camera didn't pick it up too well but this has a kind of iridescent gold shimmer, it's more of a sheen really, either way it's very pretty.
You can see the colour isn't actually to far away from my skin colour which is what I like, it's really flattering and I would recommend it to any pale girlie's!
The texture of this is a little bit chalky for my liking, and the wear length is only average, but the main thing I like about this is the way it looks. It's definitely converted me to peach blushers!
Before I leave I want to express my sadness that Elf has uped it prices! The studio line is now £3.75! Grrr.
This is all,
Gemmm xxx