Saturday, 2 June 2012

Elf Studio Blush in Peach Keen

Hello! So the good weather has finally left Britain, which means my shopping trip on Monday might be a little rainy, but I don't care because I'M SO EXCITED. I can't even express my excitement over what I'm getting when I go into the city, but I will definitely be posting about it!

Anyway, just a quick review on one of the ELF studio blushes. The colour I got wasn't the first on my list, I was going to go for Berry Merry or Pink passion but they were both sold out, so I got Peachy Keen. I'm really glad I got this as the colour is so pretty!
 The packaging is okay, nothing noteworthy wrong or right about it really. Although I do much prefer it to the Elf basic line packaging.
 My camera didn't pick it up too well but this has a kind of iridescent gold shimmer, it's more of a sheen really, either way it's very pretty.
You can see the colour isn't actually to far away from my skin colour which is what I like, it's really flattering and I would recommend it to any pale girlie's!
The texture of this is a little bit chalky for my liking, and the wear length is only average, but the main thing I like about this is the way it looks. It's definitely converted me to peach blushers!
Before I leave I want to express my sadness that Elf has uped it prices! The studio line is now £3.75! Grrr.
This is all,
Gemmm xxx


  1. That's a gorgeous shade- I've never heard of ELF cosmetics, where do you get them from?

    Sofi xx

    1. I can't believe you've never heard of ELF, it's massive! And the uk link is
      they always do deals for free delivery and things so keep and eye out :)

  2. I have this colour also, it's absolutely gorgeous :)



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