Saturday, 30 June 2012

My Trusty Plucker!

Hello there! I would love to one day get some of those £20-£50 state of the art eyebrow pluckers, however that's a lot of money to spend on my eyebrows! I have however tried quite a few different pluckers under the £10 mark in my time and I can honestly say that I've found my 'Holy Grail' eyebrow pluckers!
 These bad boys are from the brand QVS which I've only ever seen in Asda. I love the gold tip and the grip for your fingers, the design of these is really great.
 Not the best picture in the world, but these will get even the smallest eyebrow hairs but are tough enough for thicker hairs. They don't even hurt a lot like most cheapo pluckers do either.
All in all I love these pluckers, one day I might invest in some fancy ones out of curiosity, but I honestly don't feel like I need anything more than these! And now for the really good news... They're cheap! I can't remember if these are £2.48 or £3.48, but either way they're really great for the quality and worth giving a try!
What are you favoruite pluckers?
This is all, 
Gemmm xxx


  1. My plucker is mediocre I never really thought about buying another one though. This reminds me.. I need to get rid of my pet caterpillars haha

    1. You should give these a go! They're great for caterpilla exterminating ;)


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