Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I'm Such a Bag Blogger! (And a Haul)

Once again I've been a bad blogger, I don't really have any excuse other than I didn't know what to post about! Anyway to get in the swing of things I've decided to do my first ever haul!

I came back from the lovely ( and very green) Ireland yesterday, I probably go at least twice a year as I have little cousins living over in Galway. I love shopping in Galway as there are a few stores and brands we don't have in England!
The first thing I got was from duty free and it's this bad boy! It was a little cheaper than normal, around £15 I think, and I had been saving so I couldn't resist! Review to come as soon as I've formed opinoins.
My Mum and Dad went to Northern Ireland for a few days before I flew over to meet them. Whilst my mum was in the North she spotted a few pairs of shoes in my size super cheap so being the lovely Mum she is she bought them for me!
Next up is a few clothing things, my two favourite places to shop in Ireland are Born and a shop called Swamp, they aren't the cheapest of places but I seem to strike lucky a lot and go during a sale!
I'm not normally a huge bird print fan, it's not that I dislike it, I just feel it's a little overdone, however I just love the back of this one. The way it shows just a little bit of the back really appealed to me. This was 10 euro, so around £8.
Just a simple dress, it's not very shapely so it needs a belt, this was also 10 euro, so again £8.
I love this top! I have nothing else like it, it's sheer but has a panel in the middle so there's no exposed bras! However the back is also sheer so you can see the strap, even so I really like this, it was 13 euro so around £10.50, more than I'd normally spend on a top but I really liked this so hey ho!
This was from Penney's which is the Irish version of Primark, it was only 6 euro, so less than £5. I have nothing like this, in fact it's not very 'me' at all but I really like it. I'm thinking of whapping out the sewing machine and putting a pleather collar on this, opinions?
Oh Claire, how I love your accessories! The pendant was actually attached to a necklace but it broke whilst I was playing with a certain ten year old! I just thought that it was really sweet though, the dictionary definition of love, and it's really simple so I'll probably wear it a lot.
Souvenirs! I normally wouldn't get this type of thing for myself, but I thought it was very true to me so my mum bought it for me! I also got this cheeky chocolate leprechaun for my boyfriend as I thought it was really funny. ( let's hope he doesn't read this!)
I promise this is the last thing! I'm a big fan of essence but it's not available in England. I meant to pick up the top coat but I accidentally got the base and I actually quite like it!

FEW! That was a whole lot of stuff! Well at least it felt like a bloomin' long blog post! I hope that this was interesting, let me know if you would like to see more hauls!
This is all,
Gemmm xxx

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