Friday, 29 June 2012

The Makeup I Took on Holiday!

I didn't bother taking these pictures beofre I went away becuase I didn't think it would be of interest, but then again I really enjoy this kind of post so I thought I'd do it. Now the things in this post aren't necessarily my favourite things, I didn't want to take my Illamasqua blush or Mac Lipstick out of fear they'd be taken away as I only had hand luggage! So here goes...

Concealers and foundations! I brought my trusty Garnier Roll on as it wakes me up so much, the coolness and the rolling just make my eyes feel a lot less tired! Also my two favoruite concealers, Mac Studio Finish and Collectoin 2000 Lasting Perfectoin. I could go anywhere in the word and I would bring these three, they're definetley Holy Grails for me! Also I put some Loreal True Match foundatoin in a little sample pot to save room!
Powders! Just incase anyone didn't know, you can bring as many powders as you want in your Hand Luggage as they aren't liquids! I already have a review on this Rimmel Blush *here*, I brought it to make myself use it a bit more as it gets a bit neglected. Also everyone's favoruite Bronzing Powder from Bourjois and just a cheap translucent powder!
Only two lip products, I didn't want anything two bright or vivid so I went with these as they're really nice simple colours. The liner is in the shade 20 Nude and the lip butter is Macaroon. This is my least used lip butter and I brought it to force myself to use it!
My half sized Clinique High Length mascara which I really love, it lasts all day and look really nice. For my brows I just brought this Rimmel brow pencil, I prefer the look of my Gosh eyebrow felt tip but this is just abit quicker and it comes with a little brush.
Finally skin care! I brought my Good Things cleanser in a little Body Shop smaple pot and my Lush Dark Angels cleanser in a Lush sample pot. Finally I brought my Body Shop face brush which I like to think of as 'the poor mans Clarisonic'.
You may have figured that I'm a big believer in taking sample sizes on holiday! There's just no sense in bringing entire items when your restricted. Particularly if you only have hand luggage and have a liquids allowance.
Well that was a very long post! Well done if you stuck with me through all that and I hope it was helpful.
This is all,
Gemmm xxx


  1. I love the comment about the "poor man's clarisonic"!

    Kirstie x

    1. Haha thanks :) I thought it was quite apt ><


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