Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Collection 2000 Lipstick in Orange Punch

Hola! So orange lipsticks certainly are not for the faint hearted and when it comes to orange I am certainly faint hearted!
 I'm honestly a little afraid of the colour orange, I'm naturaly ginger so have freckles which is a lot of orange to contend with anyway. However I picked this up as orange seems to be a pretty popular colour of recent and I trhough someone out there might like it!
I do genuinley think this look really nice if you look just at my lips, but it just doesn't suit my colouring. However I wear this softly applied and it looks great, so no a waste of money! Pigmentation wise you can see that it's pretty good, this is only £2.99 RRP but it can be found in poundland for a squid! 

Overally quality wise this is okay, you can't expect amazing things for the price. If your looking for a Holy Grail lipstick I wouldn't recomend this, but if you want to experiment with colours then I would definetley recomend this.
Toodlepip :)
Gemmm xxx

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