Monday, 13 February 2012

Ebay 88 Warm Palette Review

If you are interested in the original eBay palette I have done a review of that here.  This is all about the warm palette which is favourite palette out of the two and to be honest out of all the palettes I own. I should point out though that these are the only large palettes I own.
So this is the lovely palette, unfortunately the flash has washed out a lot of the paler colours. But I promise you that there aren't just twenty shades of white. The colours in this palette are so pretty! My friend was getting ready with me once and just gazed in awe as the colours are so nice. They're really flattering colours too that are right up my street. I'm very pale and I don't find that bright colours suit me, but I still adore experimenting with makeup and this palette allows me to do that.
All the colours in the shot are matte, but they're are some shimmery colours and some with a satin finish as well. I cannot recommend this palette enough, I payed about eight pound for this, which makes each eyeshadow nine pence each and I honestly would use every single one of these colours! They're really good quality as well, they last all day and are well pigmented. The only thing I should point out about this palette is that the individual eye shadows are small, about the size of a penny (a British penny that is ).
Please do let me know if there are any products you'd like me to review,
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Gemmm xxx


  1. Hey there

    Just wondering where you purchased this palette from. If it's on eBay do you remember the name of the seller. Loved your review btw


    1. I don't know the seller but I just search "88 warm palette" on ebay and bought the cheapest one, I bought one of these for a friend from a different seller and they were almost exactly the same :)


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