Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Models Own Eyeshadow Dusts

Every Decemember I attend The Clothes Show Live, this year I bought the Models Own giftbag and recieved 15 items for just £10! In the gift were these three of the Models Own answers to a dazzle dust.
The shades unfortunatley don't have a names but I have a quite bright red colour, a shimmery, light pink and a shimmery charcoal grey, as swatched below.
The pink shade is beautiful when applied, however it would definatley require some form of cream base as there tends to be a lot of fallout when applied to a dry lid. The Charcoal shade has tiny specks of grey glitter in and looks gorgeous with a smokey eye. This colour is the highest quality of the three by far as the pigmentation is great and the fallout is more minimal ( I would still recomend a base/primer though).

That just leaves the red, 
A red eyeshadow was never going to a favourite for me regardless of the quality, I find red shadows look lovely on people who can pull them off, but can be very unflattering of those of us that can't. But if you are looking for a red shadow, I would recomend steering clear of this particular one, you can see from the swatches how poor the pigmentation is and there is an awful lots of fallout aswell. As much as I like the other sahdes I have, the red was a real miss for me.
Let me know if there are any products you'd like me to review,
This is all,
Gemmm xxx

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