Monday, 6 February 2012

Free 17 Blush and Glow at Boots

So I was at boots yesterday and when I checked the offer on my boots card I was pleasantly surprised to find that this wonderful freebie deal. When you buy any ( yes, any!) product from the 17 line you get this a free 'Blush and Glow' worth £3.69. The great thing about this it's literally anything from the line, so the product you buy can be cheaper than the free product you're being given. Amazed by the offer, I hurried to print the voucher off the boots card machine

When I first went to the counter there were none of these left (presumabley because of this amazing deal!), but I asked the nice lady who worked there got me a new shiny one from the draw. The only shade they had left was Peaches and Cream, but looking at the other colour on line i would have chosen this anyway.I wasn't sure what to buy, but before I decided my Mum, who I was shopping with, decided to buy the new Miracle Matte foundation anyway, so I just got the freebie and saved my cash.  

Onto the product now. Both the blush side and the highlighter side are lovely products in their own right. The blush has a tiny bit of shimmer, but it comes across more satin and dewy. I only have on highlighter other than this so I'm not the best person to review it, however I do really like this, it definitely highlights but in a subtle way so it can be worn everyday. The only thing i dislike about this is that it's hard to get at either side easily with a brush, so I have to use one of my smaller brushes. 
Please do let me know if there are any products you'd like me to review,
This is all,
Gemmm xxx


  1. they really are lovely in their own right. i like using the light side as a shadow too hehe :)


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