Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Excuses, Excuses

So you might be wondering if I have a decent excuse for blogging so little during the summer? I should be blogging more seen as I don't have college work, but just to prove that I have a somewhat legitimate excuse I took these pictures to show you what my rooms looks like at the moment!
 Yep I'm decorating! It's been a pretty long process as I used to have wallpaper, so that had to be stripped and the whole room had to be plastered. ( Luckily I have a very nice uncle who is a builder so we didn't have to pay extortionate prices to plaster)
 I painted the ceiling yesterday and today I'm doing the woodwork! Exciting eh?
 Paint and whatnot. My old childhood sleeping bag being used to stop my desk getting paint all over it!
I HAVEN'T HAD CURTAINS FOR THREE WEEKS! I had to take the rail down so it could be plastered, then I was waiting for the plaster to dry and I can't put them up till I've painted! ARGH! As excited as I am to be getting my room decorated I am seriously missing having a lie in!
I will more than likely put pictures up when the whole thing is done, here's hoping it won't be much longer than a week!
This is all,
Gemmm xxx

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