Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My View on E-Readers

*I didn't know what relevant pictures could accompany this post so instead I will be using pictures from my recent trip to Berlin Zoo*
The life of a Rhino looks like and easy one

I think e-readers in general will always be a topic of much debate amongst readers. I'm going to preface this entire review by saying that I love books. I'm not going to lie to you, books are bloomin' wonderful. That said I will forever be indebted to my Kindle. "Why is that?" I hear you ask, it's because it made me read again.
Sadly I was not allowed to take the Pony home, I asked.

I was one of those half-way intelligent people who always made excuses like "I love reading, but I don't have time". Poppycock! I had time to watch back to back reruns of Gossip Girl but no time to read? Having an entire library of books literally at my fingertips makes me read more. I was quite the bookworm up until I was about 14 and then, very sadly, I just started reading less and less. I never actually realised just how little I was reading before I got my Kindle. I would regularly go weeks or months without a book on the go, whereas now I go about 7 seconds between finishing a book and downloading a new one.
These are Neela, they are both strange and adorable.

I will review the Kindle in regards to technology (I have the Kindle Paper White *here*) in an upcoming post, so this post won't focus on that. What I will say however, is that reading on a screen doesn't bother me. It's amazing how quickly you get used to it. I'm sure you all know that e-readers have e-ink screens, so you are still reading ink. This means that it's not like reading from a computer screen (which I hate), it's an altogether different thing. To be honest, once you get going with a story you won't give two-hoots about the format.
Oh look! It's one of my family members!

Another great thing? It makes me read 'the classics'. A lot of classic books are free to download on the Kindle, and being a university student I'm not about to pass up anything that's free of charge. I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice which I am very much enjoying, however I can tell you more or less for certain that I never would have read it if I'd have had to pay.
Don't worry, I am fully aware of how cute this is.

All this said, I would prefer to have the books. I have two very specific life long dreams 1) To have a walk-in-wardrobe and 2) to have a Beauty-and-the-Beast-Style library. I would prefer to have a thousand books in my house. I would love to have the ability to buy a new (paper) book within seconds without having to travel to a bookshop. I also still buy books, they're often very cheap in charity shops so I buy a lot of books their. I also have a great love of very aesthetically beautiful books, my copy of the Complete Grimm's Fairy-tales might be my favourite possession. It isn't a choice of one or the other, I regularly read in both formats.
Did someone say baby penguin?

I love my Kindle. I love love love it. Actually that's possibly a lie. I love reading and my e-reader has made me read again, and truthfully I will never stop associating those two things. When push comes to shove I think it's good to reference the words of one greater than oneself.
"What is your opinon of e-readers?"-Nerdfighter
"I don't care how you read, I care if you read" 
Ladies and Gentlemen, John Green.
This is all, 
Gemmm xxx

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