Monday, 6 January 2014

How To Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran- Review

To kick off my 50 books in 2014 challenge I thought I'd start with a book that had been very much recommended to me. I suppose I should start this by saying that I very much enjoyed reading this book. It's well written, very funny and many of the topics Moran covers ring very true to my own experiences of becoming a woman. 

The blurb on the back of the book describes it as 'Part Memoir, part rant'. This is the truest description of this books you could hope to find. Moran focuses on events that have happened in her life and then relates them to feminism and the modern woman. As I read the book I found myself enjoying the 'rant' parts much more than the 'memoir' parts. Her rants were hilarious and on several occasions I found myself laughing out loud at this book. However sometimes when reading through yet-another-memoir it felt like this book was more about How To Be Caitlin Moran than How To Be a Woman. 

All this said I truly did enjoy this book, and not just for the laughs. It forced me think about my own views and what it is that makes me think that way. Moran covers some very controversial topics in this book, from the Burka to abortion; so if you are easily offended perhaps it's not one for you.However what I loved about Moran's writing was that she never tried to present her opinion as the only one worth considering. Whilst reading the book I felt like I could disagree with what she was saying and still get just as much from the overall reading experience.

I also loved how broad her view of feminism is. She mentions how there is room for all types of women in feminism. I loved this because there seems to be this notion that a feminist is a certain type of woman; when in fact a feminist is any person that believes a man and a woman should have equal rights.

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