Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ancient Collection 2000 Mini Palettes

So who remembers when Collection 2000 packaging looked like this? It's certainly been a while, which really put me off buying this little trio at first as it's just such an old product. I found this in Poundworld and it came with a little nail varnish as well.So I figured that old doesn't necessarily mean bad and that even if it was awful for a pound I might as well give it a go.

I was shocked at how much I like this! As you can see the lighter colours are a tiny bit shimmery, but certainly not too much for everyday wear. The darker colour is quite matte which I prefer as I only really use dark colours in my crease or outer-v.

(Apologies for the random blue line the camera decided to add in)
I forgot to mention that this palette is in Sin City. Anyway, you can see that the colours are well pigmented, particularly the centre colour, they also last really well too. This is the perfect palette for just throwing in your bag before a sleepover and knowing the next day you can still do something pretty with your eye makeup if you want to. 
I actually have two of these as Poundworld have started selling these in sets of two, and I wanted the other trio that came with it, so I ended up with a second one. If you can manage to snap these up at Poundworld then you'll only really be paying 50p for them, which sounds really great! But it does kind of occur to me that even before this was discontinued, it was probably only around £3 anyway, so the saving is good but not incredible.
If you can't find this in your local Poundworls( they have like, loads in mine ) then you can buy it from Amazon here for £1.82, or alternatively there are quite a lot of people selling these on eBay.
Please do let me know if there are any products you'd like me to review,

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