Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rimmel Lating Finish Foundation

Hello gorgeous! I use this product everyday for reasons I shall outline in a minute, I'm going to break up this review a little more than normal as I feel the aspects of this vary a lot and it will be easier to read that way. But first! I know that this particular product is discontinued, I get mine from BnM bargains and it's also available on line. However rather than discontinue this Rimmel released a newer version, the 25 Hour *here*. I've done some research and apparently the differences are extremely minimal!
Coverage/ general look
The coverage of this is medium, I wouldn't say it was anything to shout about but it's certainly nothing to complain about either. I would say the general look of this is better than average for a drugstore foundation, but notthing to rave about!
The colour range here is abysmal! There are six shades all in all, four of which are different tones for medium skin! This is the lightest colour and you can see below that it's actually pretty dark. I'm paler than NW15 and could not wear this heavily or apply this by stippling.

This foundation really does last a long time! I'm not sure about 16 hours but it's definitely the longest lasting drugstore foundation I've ever found, by quite a long way really. This is the reason I wear it everyday as I am still in college and often go to a friends house straight afterwards. I find that most foundations can't hack that time span! I even have some higher end samples that although they are nicer in general, they don't last quite as long!

So there you are, depending on what you want from a foundation this might be amazing for you or rubbish. Also, the price in BnM of this is only £2.49 (I think) which is obviously a great price! Even at the normal £6.99 I still think it's worth it.
What's you everyday foundation?
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