Thursday, 22 March 2012

ELF Natural Radiance Blusher


How are you today? I seriously need to start tidying my room, however I enjoy procrastinating and I thought a blog post would be productive, so here we are!

So this is just my little take on the Natural Radiance ELF blushers. This one is in the colour glow, which looks orange on the website, but I'd say these pictures are more true to the colour. You can see from the packaging that I've had this a while, since around august I think? I suppose that's not that long actually. Anyway I'm babbling.
This blush is actually surprisingly good, it's a pretty colour as shown below. The lasting power isn't immense, but it's certainly on parr with most mid-high street blushers. I define mid-high street as the likes of Rimmel, 17, Maybelline ect.

 It will probably put a lot of people off that there's quite a bit of shimmer in this. Definitely not like, twelve year old girl glitter, but it's certainly there! The shimmer is however gold which is much more flattering than silver/white.

There's got to be a catch? And yes there is, the product is tiny! Which would of course be forgivable if you only need a tiny bit and it was significantly pigmented. But it's probably just a little less pigmented than the average high street blusher. I wanted to show how small it is so I compared it to a British penny for reference.

 You couldn't even fit two pennies across. I realise the reference is probably not helpful to those of you oversees and I apologise. A penny is just a little bit smaller than a 5 cent in Euros, I also believe it's about the same size as a dime, but I haven't seen a dime so I could be wrong!( If anyone knows any other size equvilants let me know!) Hopefully one of these will give you this picture of how small it is. Obviously this isn't an incredible set back when the product is so cheap but I thought I would let you know!
 To conclude, you can see from the pictures that I haven't used very much of this. It's not that I dislike this product, as I do think it's nice and don't regret buying it. However I own blushes that I prefer so this tends to take a back seat. 
Have you tried this? What's your favourite blush? Let me know!
This is all,
Gemmm xxx

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