Monday, 2 July 2012

New Header For The Blog!

I rather limited myself to blog design by including the word 'red' in my blog name (due to my ginger hair). However I'm a big fan of floral and general 'shabby chic' designs so this was the best compliation of the two! 
This is my very very scratched NYC Chroma faceglow in the colour Moonstone. As you can see I've used quite a lot of it, it's actually discontinued so I won't go into too much detail. Basically If you are into to sheer blushers then this is worth hunting down. It honestly gives a beautiful glow to skin that looks very natural and very pretty. I got mine from poundland and I also have it in the colour Sunstone which is a gorgeous burnt orange. 
This is one of my most worn cheek products, especially in winter when I don't wear too much colour on my cheeks. If I ever see these again then I will be picking up quite a few duplicates as they're really great, I'll also probabley pick up a few for a giveaway too. Anyway I'm off now, it's time for a hot chocolate then bed!
Oh to any bloggers out there, has the spell check button on the new post page stopped working for you too? Or is it just me?
This is all, 
Gemmm xxx


  1. Oooh, that looks gorgeous. I am not a big blusher fan (I usually find them too pink against my ridiculously pale skin) but this sheer one looks pretty nice. I'll have to hunt something similar down :) xx

    1. Thankyou, I was worried it would look rubbush! I'm with you on the rediculously pale skin! And they have it on Amazon for £2 here :)


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