Sunday, 1 July 2012

Monthly Favourites!

Bonjourno, welcome to my first ever monthly favourites. I've covered most of these things in the video so I'll try not to babble too much, but I wanted to take pictures of all the products as my camera won't focus whilst it's filming. Atleast if it will I don't know how! Also this is going to be a very very picture heavy post and all links to the products are in the downbar of the video.

 I've already done a blog post on this explaining my general love! *here*
 Not much to say about this, it does the job and it does it well!
 I will point out that this is the only toner I have tried, the point of including this was more to say that I really enjoy using a toner and like have one as part of my skincare routine.
 I didn't really talk about this in the video but I adore it! I've not straightened my hair since I bought it, I just brush it with this a couple of times whilst it's wet and it dries really straight, which is nice as it saves hassle! Full review coming up!
 This is my Venus womens razor handle attatched to a Gilette mans razor, the mens razor leaves my legs soo much softer than any womens razor I've tried!
 It's a Mascara, and it's a very nice one at that!

I may do a full review of this, basically you just squirt it into your roots and it adds instant volume. My ahir used to be naturally quite big but as it's growing longer it bexoming a little lifeless, this product seems to be doing a good job at fixing that!
 I use this along with my good thing cleanser, I'm sure it would work nice with any makeup remover. For three quid it's definetley worth a go!
 I haven't done a NOTD with these as I didn't think I could do the prettiness justice in pictures, however I've learnt a couple of new camera tricks so I will try and get one up soon.

 Who doesn't love the Naked Palette! I got this for my birthday and I've been using it not stop this month.
 A go to eye combo for me at the moment, I love that I can have an exagerrated thick line but it doesn't look harsh as the colour is quite light!

Another thing that I promise to do a full review of! I just have a lot of general love for this product this month.
Fewww that's a lot of pictures, out of curiosity do people prefer posts with lots of pictures or with lots of words? Or do you like your posts short and sweet?

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  1. When it's favourites posts I prefer them to be short and sweet! Can't wait for the review of the Illamasqua blush, it looks beautiful xx


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