Sunday, 22 July 2012

Revlon Lip Butter In Strawberry Pie

Lip Butters' eh? They're massively popular and loved by all, and I have to say I'm right on the bandwagon along with everyone else. This was the first color that I bought ( I have three) and it's in Strawberry Pie.

I'm a big fan of the packaging of all the Revlon Lip products, they do look very luxurious, especially for the price. I love how moisturizing these are, I get quite dry dull looking lips and I'm a fan of any moisturizing products.
 This is probably the brightest lip butter Revlon do, the smooth texture means it can be massively sheered out and you can just get a nice tint of color like below. I have to say that I do prefer wearing bright colors in the format of a proper lipstick as it's better at staying put, even so I do reach for this a fair amount.
The only real hang up I have about these is that they seem to melt a little. Remember those two or three days when it was sunny in England? Well I did feel that the product became a little too soft and difficult to apply. In normal circumstances I do like this a lot!
This is all,
Gemmm xxx


  1. Lovely colour! Where did you get this from? not seen this shade about :) x

    1. It's just from Boots, come to think of it this isn't a very popular shade, it is lovely though :)

  2. This looks a lovely colour :) fab packaging too x


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