Sunday, 8 July 2012

No7 Lipstick in Cherry

Well hello there gorgeous! I'm feeling a lot better now, thank you for your get well soon comments! I'm also in rather a good mood as my room got plastered today which means I can paint it in about four weeks and I shall have my dream(ish) room by the end of summer! YAY! I'll probably put pictures up if it's a success and people would like that? Anyway I'll get on with it shall I?

I picked this up from Boots for a fiver with one of the vouchers, so normally it costs £10, which is only £3.50 less than a Mac Lipstick so I was expecting good things. You can find it *here*
 I love the packaging, it's so sleek and grown up, but it's also sparkly which is obviously a bonus in my book! Quality of the packing is great too, I really have noting bad to say about that packaging.
It's fine Mr. Camera, it's not like I wanted you to focus or anything!

The colour is called Forever Cherry, it's very bright and is a gorgeous shade of pinky red. It's actually a little too bright to wear casually for me but I do really like it. Quality wise this is quite creamy, which is good in the sense that you can sheer it out to a less vivid colour. However it does mean that it tends to slip and slide a little bit. Not too much, but this will transfer onto a glass when your drinking and that kind of thing. 
Overall for the fiver I paid I love this, the quality is really nice, however I don't know if I would pay the full £10. On top of that the colour selection in the No7 lipsticks, although varied, doesn't really appeal to me very much. This was the only colour that really stood out for me.
This is all,
Gemmm xxx


  1. That looks really good on you! I always see no7 stuff but I've never tried any of it out.

    1. Oh thanks, and I only ever buy No7 when I have a vouvher, it's really worth checking out they have some great stuff :)

  2. This colour is gorgeous! I don't think I've ever had No7 items without the vouchers, always love a good bargain ;)


    1. I don't think I have either! They make such a bit difference don't they :)

  3. This is such a pretty colour,I've got Siren & LOVE IT. It's such a classy red, more red than this one:) x

    1. I love bright reds on other people but they tend to look odd on me because of my colouring :(


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